January 18, 2008

4 Things/#4 We Are All God's Children

Many people love to quote that, "The path is straight and narrow." Many believe that there is only one path. I have been led by the Holy Spirit to believe that for each person there is only one path. The path that God would like them on. So for many of you who know me, this next part will sound really weird.

That some people who go to doctrinal organizations, (churches) are supposed to be there. Because the nature that God gave them is nurtured best in a stable non-changing environment. That those who are following blindly the leaders in front of them, are also following God to the best of their ability. That is all God asks.

It does not matter how people get the message of salvation, only that they get it. If it is the message of repentence, confession, faith in God, belief in Jesus grace, and obedience, you have it. It is how you live it afterwards, is what matters.

Living it is under two commandments. 1. Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength. 2. Love your neighbor as yourself. Also, doing these things, with a heart of a servant. One that is happy to fulfill the master's wishes as best they can.

No matter where these people happen to choose to worship, pray, go to church, not go to church, etc.. etc.. If these things are evident,then they are Gods children too.


Erin said...

Amen and Amen. It's funny, I initially in this process believed everyone should abandon the current church model, but as time has passed I have seen some people flourish in such an environment. So I agree.

Dena G said...

This is something I've struggled with, too. But, flawed as it is, God DOES work inside what we commonly refer to as "church" (amazing how he works through flawed, broken, imperfect things, eh?) ;-)

I still attend a Sunday morning gathering of believers, but it's not the group I call "my church"...and that's ok. Great, even. I quit trying to fight against everything going on there (because it's not ALL bad) and resumed REALLY loving God and loving people. It's quite ok to allow people to blindly follow their leader, as long as the leader IS following God.

Mike said...

I still attend a church. I love my church family. What I don't do is blindly follow anything human. Sometimes this has caused me to be a thorn.

Could it be that part of my calling is to shake up the status quo?

Nate said...

This came to me while returning from my father's funeral. I was with my brother in law that is a pastor. He is especially suited for the church environment. He has learned the same lessons we have outside the church. He just found it in a different place.

Yes Mike,
Being a thorn, is sometimes a calling.