May 25, 2008

Living Your Faith

Recently with all of the things that have been happening to me, it hit me that living my faith, and professing my faith are two different things. It also came from a saying that I have known about for a long time, but read again recently. True beliefs will be shown in actions. I have been talking with a Mormon friend of mine about his exact thing. We agree, but use different words to say the same thing.

The only thing that I have been able to do emotionally, is to lean on God. It has been WAAAAAY too much for me to handle. Putting me in areas that are rediculously uncomfortable, and I have no idea of how to deal with. So I pray a lot, and just do what feels right. Praying that it is the Holy Spirit leading. This is really hard for a control freak like me to do. Maybe that is the test. But, the realization that I was actully living what I professed, kind of shocked me. Being shocked by this REALLY SHOCKED me. It made me realize that what I had been saying about my faith for so long, was just crap. Because every time it got hard, I took it upon myself to dig myself out. Yeh, I said that I was relying on God, but I really wasn't. This time it was too much for me to handle. So I couldn't. It was highly uncomfortable to ride on the waves. The emotions of dispair, frustration, anger, and futility almost laid me low. But God has got us through this time so far. I know he will continue to.

May 8, 2008

How God Moves

Many times I have wondered about how God accomplishes things, but doesn't seem to. Recently something happened that put it in a perspective for me. I am a restaurant manager. A restaurant opened up in a city about four hours away. I told my boss's boss, that I was interested. From his reaction, it hit me how God probably works today, and why we don't SEE those miracles that everyone wants to see.

The reaction from my boss was surprisingly upbeat. He told me a little about the restaurant, and kind of gave a sales pitch for it. It was out of character for him in the extreme. Then it hit me.

When Jesus died on the cross, he became the way the truth and the life. The way to God, the possiblbity of eternal life, and most important to this, made it possible for a bit of the truth to be put in everyone. The truth is another name for the Holy Spirit. Some of the Holy Spirit resides in every person on the earth. With this, God can give nudges, but cannot control every person on the planet. So, when a situation shows up that he wants to assist with, he gives nudges to receptive people, and they react in a way that will resolve our issue. That is why no miracles are necessary, he uses the likes of you and me to help him solve our problems. Nothing like delegation. that is my thoughts on it anyway, not biblical by any means, but makes a lot of sense to me.