December 28, 2006

Conscience and the Will of God

DO = Doctrinal Organization- I use this instead of Church. Because I know of no church in the sense that God Intended.
Servant = what DOs would term a Christian. I believe our purpose on this earth is to serve God. Nothing else.
HS = Holy Spirit

The conscience is how God speaks to us. On the blog Wendy quoted saying that the conscience is to convict, comfort, and to guide us to the truth. She is absolutely correct, God couldn't put it any better himself. (just a hint at my humor, that was a joke because it was God that put it that way) The biggest thing that people want to know is "What would God have me do?" There are two things that he provided to help us know that. The first is the bible . Now here is the rub, when it was said 2,000 years ago to 12 people in the room, was is just for those people, or was it for everyone? DOs love to pick an choose those and tell you what you have to do if you want God to approve of you. Well that brings us to the second thing that God gave us to know his will, the Conscience. We have all suffered from a guilty conscience and normally that is all we know the conscience does. But, the moment you chose to follow God, an overwhelming since of Joy, Peace, Warmth, Love, Understanding, came over you. That was the Holy Spirit saying, "Welcome, new servant of God. Welcome to the fold." That is the comfort that the bible is talking about. When you feel God's arms around you making you feel safe, that is the conscience at work. The last is the connection to God. For I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life. Jesus sacrifice allowed the Truth to be given to every man. Who or much better yet, what is the TRUTH. The Truth is the Holy Spirit. The HS is what guides the conscience of a man or woman. Those who have no conscience have basically decided they are not going to listen to God ever. When you pray, the HS will answer in your conscience, you must just be willing to listen to it.

God will also use the HS to test you through the conscience. Knowing God's will normally comes from a peace on a decided course of action. What if that peace will not come. That is where the test comes in. You will never see it when it is happening. But may recognize it after it is gone. Let me relate a personal tale from this last year. With circumstances beyond our control, our family ended up needing about $200-$250 dollars every month to make the ends meet. This started in February last year. In March, we had no idea of how we were going to keep food on the table, or clothes on our backs. When all of the sudden, a check showed up from my Grandfather for $250. April, a check from sister for $200. May, a check from her brother (not a servant) $250. June, needed to get my car fixed, my brother loaned me the money, then ask for $200 dollars less than I borrowed to be repaid. July, fridge broke, parents offered to pay up to $500 to get it fixed. We had done our taxes and were going to get money back. Told my parents we did not need the money. Fridge cost $250 they sent $500. Then we found out an error had occurred on our taxes, and the money was delayed. We didn't know, but God did. August, other car broke, $660, no money in the bank. Tax return came in the day we had to pay and pick it up. Through this whole time, with all of the praying, "God you have me where you want me, its your problem, you work it out." I had no peace about the situation. But for the seven months we went through, we never missed paying a bill on time. The tax return was big enough that we did not have to worry for a while. Then looking back, I noticed who had helped, when, and why. Once a month, almost on the same day every month, God had a check there waiting on us. Then I recognized it for what it was. A test of faith, "will you rely on me?" I had many job offers during this time, they would have Clearly helped my financial situation. But did not take them, because they were not where God wanted me. For my obedience I was rewarded with the comfort that no matter what happens, my God is with me, and will take care of me.

Onward. Listening to the HS is a difficult thing at first. WHY? Because he asks you to do strange things, and you do not know why you do them, you just have to. So, most people tune that part of themselves out. What are some of the things that I have done? Stepped ahead in line and made up around $4-$5 dollars someone was missing in the checkout line in front of me. 2 groups of people in front of me, that I had to fight through to get there. But the person took the help. Would you have unless you really needed it. I normally pay absolutely no attention to the people ahead of me in the checkout line. Can't tell you what ANY of them ever looked like. Then he had me pick up the old lady drunk, and buy her beer. What was that all about. With my four year old son in the car. Talk about uncomfortable. Are you willing to listen this closely? Are you willing to stand up in front of 300 people, in a special gathering and start doubling numbers with no one in the room knowing what you are doing, not even your wife. 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048,4096,8192, my grandfather got to 100,000 something before he sat down. That was the second time he tried it. The night before he couldn't take the embarrassment and sat down before 100. When people say "we are willing to follow God", are you truly willing to listen, and obey instantly. No matter what. If not, the communication with the HS gets smaller and smaller.

If you are NOT truly willing, why would God talk to you? Especially if you are not going to listen.

Knowing whether you are feeling conviction or breaking another's expectations is the next section. When you think about the conviction you are receiving, are you saying, God I am sorry. Or are you thinking, what will the people at the DO think if they find out about this? If it is God's conviction, there will probably be fewer thoughts about the DO than not following God. Now if you are always thinking :What will pastor say?" Reevaluate your faith, because it is not about what pastor thinks, it is about what Jesus our Judge thinks. If you are not focused on him, then you have not TRULY given yourself to him. I digress. The conviction of the spirit is there pretty much always making you miserable all the time until the conviction is taken care of. Like Jon said of his thought life with his wife. If it is not of God, but disappointing some one else, when you stop thinking about how that person will be disappointed, then you feel just fine and it doesn't matter. But learn to listen to both, and know which is which. Because sometimes the disappointing of a person, by not being honest, lying, etc.. will cause God to come down on you, and until you make it right with that person, your conscience will continue to bother you. Just pray and ask God to reveal to you what it is. And the LISTEN even if you do not like the answer.

When do you know it is God that is talking, and not something else? Just some lamebrained scheme. Well, the peace and comfort of God lead to the TRUTH. I read the cross and the switchblade the other day. David Wilkerson is a good person to read about following the HS immediately. When you have an idea in your head that won't go away, and you do not feel at peace except when you are following that idea, that is the HS. When you pray that you have some great need, even though it has not been met yet, you feel peace. That is God saying, it has already been taken care of. You can worry if you want, but it is a waste of time. I've got you. That is the HS. MANY Pastors will not put much stock in this. It screws with their DOCTRINE that they believe to be true. Ignore that, because when you stand in front of Jesus on the day of Judgment, you will not be able to say, "well pastor so and so said it was fine." If you think Jesus is going to buy that, I've got something to sell you. You are responsible for your own faith, and if you disobey God, he will know, and you will have to answer for it. Not anyone else.

This is where the call for verses that this idea of mine came from, well, my reading retention is below 17% and I do not remember chapter and verse, never will. God made me that way for a reason. Don't know why, I just obey.

To be a "Servant"

Having been raised in a "church" environment, I have been able to see a lot of differing views on every part of christianity. There are a few things that I believe to be true that many people in one Doctrine or another do not believe. This has made my spiritual life more difficult and easier at the same time.

On the difficult side, there is no longer anyone with whom I can turn to to find out what I am to do to be a good christian. Why, because I have moved beyond them. My grandfather asked my father, who is a pastor, and knows hundreds of pastors, "How many pastors do you know that spend at least an hour a day in the word? Can you count them on one hand?" My father replied, "I can count them on two fingers." He was referring to himself, and one other. That makes me very proud of him. But, there in lies the rub. How can we, if we do as God asks us to do and hide the word in our hearts, not surpass those who are to teach us, if we spend more time than they do, and learn more than they do. That is what makes it difficult. Because I TRULY believe that God will not show you a truth from his word until you are ready to understand it. If you never grow through study, how can you then be ready. And if you do follow God's direction, and study the word to find the new truth. How will you be able to explain it to someone who is not ready to have that truth revealed to them. God will keep them blind to it no matter what you try to do to explain it to them. So, you end up on the outside of their Doctrine and are no longer welcome to be a teacher in their organization. Because they believe that you are no longer of value to their organization, but a detriment. Then if you continue to teach, they, according to the bible, cast you out of that organization, as the bible commands them to.

This is why I will NEVER YIELD MY MIND OR SPIRIT TO A DOCTRINE. Why? Doctrines are unyielding, they are complete, they are their own self fulfilling prophecies, they make learning the new truths of the bible irrelevant because the truth is already known. WHAT COMPLETE BULLSHIT. That is why the pastors do not study. They already have the answers, chapter and verse. Why look any more? That is why, the pastorate in the world is so bible illiterate. I bet Satan was the happiest Spirit in the universe when he got people to buy in to Doctrines. That is why I call the church of today, not "church", but Doctrinal Organizations.

Do they have their uses, absolutely. I am not opposed to DOs, because they really do help. They teach that the way to "Heaven" is to Repent, Confess, Believe on the sacrifice of Jesus, Faith in God, and most importantly Obedience to God, through he Holy Spirit. That is correct. So that is good. It is the other stuff that deludes the people into doing things that they believe they have to, to keep God happy with them. Preaching works, or fruits, as things that will get them to heaven. I do not know if I will ever go to heaven. But I will be in the kingdom of God. The thing with me is, I am supposed to do as God wants me to do, not my DO. What if I do not feel led of God to do the things my DO wants me to do. If I do them, am I then in the will, or outside the will of God? Why is this important? I will tell you why. "Those who are in the Lamb's Book of Life will be allowed to enter the Kingdom Of God." (KOG) Only one person can erase your name from the LBOL, that is Jesus. Who God gave the authority to be our Judge. Will Jesus say, "Since pastor So&So said it was what you were to do, it is OK." I'm not putting any money on that one. That is where the DOs give me problems again, they pigeon hole you into "approved" roles. Missionary, Pastor, choir, sunday school teacher, etc... What happened to the good friend at work who explains the bible questions that people have to them. But does not go to a DO. That would not be an approved "Purpose Filled Life". Even through all of that, Jesus still judges the intent of the heart. If someone did go through all of the motions the DO ask them to, but did it with true SERVICE in their heart, Jesus will judge that accordingly.

Why will Jesus judge intent? It is the only true measure. For example, if someone works 60 hours a week, and follows one thing God asks them to to a week, and does it with a correct heart. That is better than someone who does not work, but volunteers all of the time and does 100 Good works a week, just to look better in the eyes of others at their DO, and be able to say that so & so isn't pulling their weight at the DO and judge them. God does not want correct actions, as much as he just wants you. He wants all of you. If you serve him in whatever capacity, with the correct heart, he will honor his covenant. Also if God did not judge intent of the heart, but actions, we would still have the sacrifice system. Since the Israelites went through the motions to have their sins forgiven, they believed that they no longer had to obey God. Because they would be forgiven by the making the correct sacrifices. So they did whatever they wanted. God got sick of that in a hurry and found a different way to honor his covenant with Abraham.

This is the easy part. Just to follow the spirit, and do it with the right heart. The freedom in that truly is SOMETHING ELSE. Nice title for your blog Jon. I did not even know it came from me until I reread the letter I sent to you. You still must have those five things to be considered for the KOG. Repentance, Confession, the sacrifice God made of his only begotten son Jesus, faith in God, and Obedience to God. I will talk about these later, but for now, being a servant. The easy part, just be God's servant. I am not a christian, I do not try to be like Jesus, the Christ. zi judt try to br me, because, that is what God made me. I do not think he made a mistake. I am the way I am supposed to be, so I do not try to be anything else. I try to be a SERVANT of God. Doing what he asks of me when he asks it of me no matter the embarrassment to me. I do it gladly, because he cares for, and takes care of, me. What more could I ask for?