November 28, 2007

Fluidity and Pride

This is something that I have thought about a lot lately. Many things in life are fluid. Most notably to me, my bank account. It seems no matter how much I pour in, it all just keeps flowing back out again, in a state of constant flux and ever changing.

Our faith is like that. Many do not realize that, and that causes a lot of problems. Think back to the time you first embarked on the journey of faith. Do you believe the exact same thing now as you did then? Or, have you learned a lot and changed your views on some things? When were you right? Or, better yet, when were you wrong? So, whether you were right or were wrong about things in your beliefs, were you ever in danger of losing your salvation in the search of those truths?

That is the crux of it there. Many do not see it that way. In their pride, in showing how much they have achieved for God, trying to show how much they know, try putting their beliefs onto others. Then if those others do not take their beliefs, they condemn them. Saying that they are in danger of going to hell if they do not believe what they believe. Crap, all of that is crap.

You were never in danger of losing your salvation. You were doing what God asks us to do. Seek him with all of our strength, soul, mind, and heart. You have to be able to grow. No living tree is ever the same year to year. Only dead trees remain the same. Oh wait, they rot away. Same as those who stay the same in Christ, they are dead and rotting away. No one LIVING in Christ is the same year to year. Not if we hide his word in our hearts. It will change us whether we will it or not. So, to this end, we are all right, or all wrong, every one of us. Because none of us believe exactly the same no matter what. Are we all but one of us going to be kept out of the kingdom. Or is God smart enough to make a system that allows any of those that seek him to enter? Rhetorical question, but necessary that it be ask.

November 5, 2007

McDonald's Christianity

I came up with the name because when looking at a lot of denominations, they are moving to the packaged, quick stop, we will give you all of your spiritual needs all in a two hour window Sunday Morning. Like the Baptist Burner Combo, starts off strong with a little power pointed praise singing appetizer, moves into the main course with the hellfire sermon, and for dessert, the close your eyes alter call. Or the Catholic Cathartic Combo, Starting with a little blood pumping up down up down, hoping the extra oxygen will keep you awake through the desert dry sermon, then the finale', the passing of the plate, forgot your cash, no problem, we take credit cards. (no lie, they take credit cards.)

Each type of service meticulously preplanned, or engineered not to just get people to come back. But to attract future people to attend. I like the word attract. Like an amusement park has roller coasters as attractions. Churches have award winning praise teams. Everything designed to make people feel as if all of their spiritual needs are being met. If they are not, we can teach you about your finances, your marriage, other faiths, softball, basketball, and many other distractions to keep you interested in coming to us. All of this is wonderful, is it not. So American. Catering to just the right demographic.

But Jesus said "GO", not get them to come to you. Also it is a personal faith, and an individual quest, not a package.