September 21, 2010

I Miss Him Still

Going along with the last post, reading one posting reduced me to utter sobbing and tears. "He Was A Good Shit" 1/1/2008. It was the feelings that I had for my father, right at the time of his death. I am glad those feelings are still there, and still that strong. It would really be a real disapointment to find that they ever leave.

September 18, 2010

The Longview

My grandfather, who I have mentioned many times on this blog, printed out all of my posts, and sent them to me. I have not called him to ask him why. But I will, I am very curious to see why.

Rereading them without having to continuously click and adjust the screen to see the whole post put in a completely new perspective for me. Those things were influenced by all of the people that were part of the blog experience. Thank you for that. It has created a strength and peace that I truly thought could not exist. Thank you.