November 30, 2009

How I Decided

Recently, Michelle inspired me to define my beliefs. They were simple, but living. Not dead as in a book. Even the bible to me is basically a dead thing. But an actual living entity all its own. The Holy Spirit is in me, and I listen to him/her/it, and follow its urges as communication from God. I do not wallow in books, or listen to learned men/women, or follow teachings or theories, trying to figure out who I should make myself become. I am me. I do not need to be anything else. I can't be anything else. So why try?

Where did this come from? Unconsciously, I just said, ENOUGH OF THE SHIT!!! Enough of the the endless debates and searching for the next WOW of philosophies or spiritual data that will come along and define me. I decided, it was time for me to define me. Not the others in the world. So, I decided to decide. I decided, for faith. Faith for things not seen, but believed in. Is it rational, or scientifically provable. NO. But it is what I have decided to believe, and tough shit to anyone that doesn't like it. I am not throwing it in anyones face, or being antagonistic with it. But I will not change to please anyone basically.

Like I said earlier, to me it is a living thing this relationship I have with God. He blesses me, I feel his presence, I feel his hand upon my life. That is all the proof I need to believe, and have faith.

November 24, 2009


Recently I was ask to define what I believed. That hasn't happened to me in a while. Finally it came down to this. With all of the mountainous amounts of information in the world. The only thing that I know for a certainty, is if you show me information to prove something, I can find information to disprove it. Whether within the bible, scientific texts or anything else for that matter. Especially in science. We are so far from even beginning to understand science it is beyond belief. I suppose it is our ridiculously limited perspective spectrum. But I digress. Basically what I am saying is, that there is no proof or certainty of ANYTHING in this life. I am not guaranteed to wake up tomorrow. I just have to take it on faith that I will. That is the crux of it, FAITH.

Where nothing is certain, belief only comes through our faith that it is. I have never gone to an observatory to prove that the astrological information that has been told to me is correct. I have no tangible evidence AT ALL that what has been told to me about the rings of Saturn is true, because I PERSONALLY have never seen them. Does that mean that they do not exist. No, I have NO proof at all. But I have faith.

Faith in those that depart the message. In my heart I know it is true. That is where all of my searching has taken to me. Inside. To my heart. Inside I believe. No matter what anyone says or does, I have decided to believe. I have decided to have faith. Period. So what does that mean to me. Sho'nai.

It is a game played by a warrior race in a book I was reading. They throw knives at one another, and catch them. It is symbolic for their life philosophy. To cast (as in to throw) themselves out (as into the unknown). I have done this, with the only safety net my Faith in God. It works great, so I will stick with it.

November 1, 2009

Jesus, David's Lineage?

Jesus will be of King David's lineage. So the prophecy says. So here is the question. Since Jesus was a virgin birth, was Mary of David's lineage? For I am sure God is not. Does anyone know the answer to this question?

Why do I ask since Joseph was of David's lineage? Joseph was Jesus Stepfather, think about it. He was not the biological father. So, was Mary of King David's lineage?