September 18, 2010

The Longview

My grandfather, who I have mentioned many times on this blog, printed out all of my posts, and sent them to me. I have not called him to ask him why. But I will, I am very curious to see why.

Rereading them without having to continuously click and adjust the screen to see the whole post put in a completely new perspective for me. Those things were influenced by all of the people that were part of the blog experience. Thank you for that. It has created a strength and peace that I truly thought could not exist. Thank you.


Mike said...

Nate ~ Nice to see you typing! I for one am glad to have "met" you within the blogosphere and had the privilege to be privy to your thoughts, beliefs and opinions. Your journey has strengthened mine!

Erin said...

I second what Mike said! Good to see you.

I imagine if I printed out my blog and read it cover to cover, it would be fascinating to me.

And you have been part of the strength and peace I have found, as well.

One Voice of Many said...

How special of him to do that.
I've gone back and clicked on various posts of mine and forgotten that I had even written it.

I'm thankful to have met you in the blog world!