December 28, 2006

To be a "Servant"

Having been raised in a "church" environment, I have been able to see a lot of differing views on every part of christianity. There are a few things that I believe to be true that many people in one Doctrine or another do not believe. This has made my spiritual life more difficult and easier at the same time.

On the difficult side, there is no longer anyone with whom I can turn to to find out what I am to do to be a good christian. Why, because I have moved beyond them. My grandfather asked my father, who is a pastor, and knows hundreds of pastors, "How many pastors do you know that spend at least an hour a day in the word? Can you count them on one hand?" My father replied, "I can count them on two fingers." He was referring to himself, and one other. That makes me very proud of him. But, there in lies the rub. How can we, if we do as God asks us to do and hide the word in our hearts, not surpass those who are to teach us, if we spend more time than they do, and learn more than they do. That is what makes it difficult. Because I TRULY believe that God will not show you a truth from his word until you are ready to understand it. If you never grow through study, how can you then be ready. And if you do follow God's direction, and study the word to find the new truth. How will you be able to explain it to someone who is not ready to have that truth revealed to them. God will keep them blind to it no matter what you try to do to explain it to them. So, you end up on the outside of their Doctrine and are no longer welcome to be a teacher in their organization. Because they believe that you are no longer of value to their organization, but a detriment. Then if you continue to teach, they, according to the bible, cast you out of that organization, as the bible commands them to.

This is why I will NEVER YIELD MY MIND OR SPIRIT TO A DOCTRINE. Why? Doctrines are unyielding, they are complete, they are their own self fulfilling prophecies, they make learning the new truths of the bible irrelevant because the truth is already known. WHAT COMPLETE BULLSHIT. That is why the pastors do not study. They already have the answers, chapter and verse. Why look any more? That is why, the pastorate in the world is so bible illiterate. I bet Satan was the happiest Spirit in the universe when he got people to buy in to Doctrines. That is why I call the church of today, not "church", but Doctrinal Organizations.

Do they have their uses, absolutely. I am not opposed to DOs, because they really do help. They teach that the way to "Heaven" is to Repent, Confess, Believe on the sacrifice of Jesus, Faith in God, and most importantly Obedience to God, through he Holy Spirit. That is correct. So that is good. It is the other stuff that deludes the people into doing things that they believe they have to, to keep God happy with them. Preaching works, or fruits, as things that will get them to heaven. I do not know if I will ever go to heaven. But I will be in the kingdom of God. The thing with me is, I am supposed to do as God wants me to do, not my DO. What if I do not feel led of God to do the things my DO wants me to do. If I do them, am I then in the will, or outside the will of God? Why is this important? I will tell you why. "Those who are in the Lamb's Book of Life will be allowed to enter the Kingdom Of God." (KOG) Only one person can erase your name from the LBOL, that is Jesus. Who God gave the authority to be our Judge. Will Jesus say, "Since pastor So&So said it was what you were to do, it is OK." I'm not putting any money on that one. That is where the DOs give me problems again, they pigeon hole you into "approved" roles. Missionary, Pastor, choir, sunday school teacher, etc... What happened to the good friend at work who explains the bible questions that people have to them. But does not go to a DO. That would not be an approved "Purpose Filled Life". Even through all of that, Jesus still judges the intent of the heart. If someone did go through all of the motions the DO ask them to, but did it with true SERVICE in their heart, Jesus will judge that accordingly.

Why will Jesus judge intent? It is the only true measure. For example, if someone works 60 hours a week, and follows one thing God asks them to to a week, and does it with a correct heart. That is better than someone who does not work, but volunteers all of the time and does 100 Good works a week, just to look better in the eyes of others at their DO, and be able to say that so & so isn't pulling their weight at the DO and judge them. God does not want correct actions, as much as he just wants you. He wants all of you. If you serve him in whatever capacity, with the correct heart, he will honor his covenant. Also if God did not judge intent of the heart, but actions, we would still have the sacrifice system. Since the Israelites went through the motions to have their sins forgiven, they believed that they no longer had to obey God. Because they would be forgiven by the making the correct sacrifices. So they did whatever they wanted. God got sick of that in a hurry and found a different way to honor his covenant with Abraham.

This is the easy part. Just to follow the spirit, and do it with the right heart. The freedom in that truly is SOMETHING ELSE. Nice title for your blog Jon. I did not even know it came from me until I reread the letter I sent to you. You still must have those five things to be considered for the KOG. Repentance, Confession, the sacrifice God made of his only begotten son Jesus, faith in God, and Obedience to God. I will talk about these later, but for now, being a servant. The easy part, just be God's servant. I am not a christian, I do not try to be like Jesus, the Christ. zi judt try to br me, because, that is what God made me. I do not think he made a mistake. I am the way I am supposed to be, so I do not try to be anything else. I try to be a SERVANT of God. Doing what he asks of me when he asks it of me no matter the embarrassment to me. I do it gladly, because he cares for, and takes care of, me. What more could I ask for?


jON said...

what can i say really? this helps define and nail the past year right on the head for me. it's just so very difficult to keep faith in the midst of being put out and called "evil" and "divisive" by people whom i loved and trusted so much. it's hard to not let the passages in the bible about false teachers cut me to the core.

yet, on the other side, there are so many parallels between what i have gone through and so many prophets and jesus and apostles that it is hard to ignore that either. i only desire to serve god and shine his light in this world and love, love, love...

but not in any way in which others tell me is appropriate. because that limits god i think. to not be able to ask ANYTHING of me at ANYTIME. that is where the real adventures begin.

this has by far been the best year and the worst year of my life. and i have the feeling this is only the beginning.

Katherine Gunn said...

Hmm... as a friend and I discovered a couple of years ago... it is and always has been all about the heart. Quit doing and just be.