September 15, 2007

Learned From Lesbians!!!

I had an astonishing revelation today. An amazing breakthrough. I figured out where I learned how to be open, caring, loving, supportive, and treat people as a true follower of God should. I learned it from Lesbians.

OK, maybe a little background is in order. I grew up in church. Became that little judgemental asshole that most people in church become. Then, when a senior in high school, I got a crush on a girl. She was a partier, and I was not. Being almost desperate to see her, I knew she was going to a party, and where it was. Many were very surprised to see me there, but after a while, and a couple of drinks, no one cared any more. I had more fun than at any time in my life up to that point. She, never showed, but I had a gotten new mistress, partying.

When I started partying, it was for the sake of partying. I would hang out with the "cool" kids until their curfew at 11PM or so, then hang out with the losers until their curfew of 2AM or so, then hang out with the people from work until 5AM or so. After high school, people and parties everywhere. When I hit 21, I went to any bar anywhere, I did not care. Bikers are the best people to party with in my opinion, they go after life with abandon, and know a lot of jokes.

Also I went to work. Those were my two main things. When my daughter was born the partying kind of died down, and the responsibility took over. With Domino's Pizza, I worked in the inner city a lot. Met people from tons of different backgrounds, and called many unique people friends. These people included lesbians, gays, bikers, druggies, drunks, perverts, Muslims, gang members, homeless people, thieves, poor, black, white, Asian, Indian, native American, prostitutes, transvestites, cross dressers, OK you get the picture. You meet a LOT of interesting people working in the inner city of a major metropolitan city.

From all of this exposure to people though, I learned how to treat people. I learned how to judge by the content of their character, not the package on the outside. From them, that had so little, I learned the true meaning of charity, when they were willing to help with the very little that they had. I found a nobility of spirit in the strangest places. This has defined the way people should be treated for me. It is the most Christ like way of all. With open arms and love.

Strange that the best teachers of such a philosophy were not found in a church.


Anonymous said...

Hallelujah brother! (since I'm Aussie, that comes out very differently to how I hear Americans say it....) I loved what you said about character rather than the package. It's insane of us to expect those outside of the Kingdom to play by our rules & then judge them when they don't.. can't! My only (slight) disagreement is that I have and do see this acceptance and other great traits in church people and leaders. I hope I am counted as one by those who know me.

Erin said...

I got hung up at the part about Domino' husband worked for Domino's...that's how we met, and yes it really was a melting pot of people he encountered.

I think many of us in the church, especially suburban church, are too sheltered to have any idea how to relate to "real world" people...your experiences are valuable...ever read "Divine Nobodies"?

And yes, Rachel, I have seen this in church people...but not often. It's good to know they are out there. Somehow I have no trouble imagining that in you.

jON said...

yes. i agree with you. why is it that these people, whom we are often told to steer clear of, are many times the best examples of the lessons that we need to learn?

i have in many times and many ways experienced the same things. there is nothing like a good party where everyone is unified in the same purpose of unfettered joy. and you discover that deep down, no matter what our backgrounds or lifestyles or predjudices, we can get along and have a pretty great time together.

and it is for this very reason why i think that the kingdom is very much like one of these parties you speak of.

and i do have to say, in my experience, lesbians are some of the most caring, open, honest, and forgiving people i have ever met. there is actually a sex-positive store here in the twin cities called 'the smitten kitten' that is run by lesbians. speaking very honestly here, my wife and i were made to feel more welcome and completely accepted there than in many "church situations" i have been in.

(not that there aren't exceptions, rachel ;-) )

Valorosa said...

"Became that little judgemental asshole that most people in church become."

LOL this hit my funny bone ... :-)

You probably ran into the sheep of His pasture in every walk of life ... that's what I think you learned ... even among the bikers there are sheep. Salty sheep LOL