September 25, 2007

Every Day God

One of the ways that my beliefs differ from others, is that for me, the bible is not the beginning and the end of my instruction from God. I like to call him my every day God. Because he does not just talk to me on Sunday. His speaking to me does not come from 2000 years ago, but daily. His compulsions that guide my life come all the time. To me he is not the dead God who wrote the bible, and awakens on Sunday. He is with me everyday, every hour, every minute. Seeing everything that I do. I am naked before him in all ways. And I know it.

He is not a distant God. He is not a vengeful God. He is a God that guides me through life, by putting me in situations that I hate, so that I learn what I need to learn to get better. Yes, I so believe there are better methods than just throwing me in the pool, saying, "If he wants to live, he will learn to swim." OK, that is not what happens, but sometimes it feels like it. But in all things he loves me. I know it, because I have seen the miracles that he has performed in my life. I am lucky, I have PROOF he exists. Bank records even. So to me he isn't believing in things unseen. I have seen his handiwork, so it makes it easier for me to wholeheartedly believe, without even the smallest shred of doubt about his existence.

Also he is my best friend and confidant. I talk to him everyday, many times a day. Many people ask me why I am always in such a good mood at work. I had to think about it, a lot. Then finally decided, because God has made me secure in my future. That has set me free now. No more worries mate.

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Mike said...

I agree with you Nate. He is always with us. What I forget always is to ask him to go along and then to recognize that he is there.

He also tends to remind me of those things as well.