February 11, 2007

Being Like Jesus

I have rejected christianity because I do not want to be associated with the Doctrinal Organizations whose goal is to be perfect, just like Christ Jesus.

Well in my rejection of the Doctrinal Organizations I set out to just obey God in all things.

Through study I have found that all Jesus did in his time on earth, was obey God in all things.

I have become closer to the ideal by rejecting the organized religions, than by embracing them.

That should make me feel vindicated and proud.

It only makes me sad.

As to where no one will really listen to me, they will listen to the Big Organization, and never reach as close to the ideal as possible because of all of the stumbling blocks there. The ignorance will continue unabated.


Susan said...

Personally I have not come across many DO's like you describe. However I have come across some individuals. It seems to me that that have chosen to believe that are sinners, unworthy etc. because somehow it relieves them of responsibility. In order words it is suitable for them to believe a lie. There is enough good teaching in books and things for them to realize that a lot of Christians think differently.

2 Timonthy 4:3 tells us that ...to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

and some want to hear that they are sinners, worthless etc.

Nate said...

Most people when confronted with the holiness of God, and are not his servants, will feel that they are not good enough to be accepted. That is human nature, to feel like you are on the outside in a new situation. Then, when continually told that, begin to believe it. Then they believe it is God who made us with the evil nature. Acts 10:28.5 "But God has shown me that I should not call any man common or unclean." God does not make people evil, or bad, or worse, unclean. Unclean was the adjective they used most often to describe demons. Unclean spirits. So I believe that God is stating unequivicably that man is not evil or unclean.

As to the DO's. Doctinal organizations are not your local place of worship that has no affiliation with other churches. It is the Larger Organized Religions, the Catholics, the Lutherans, The methodists, episcoaplians etc... They ALL have set precepts that if they are crossed, force them to set someone out of the church. These are not always things that are on the outside of God's laws. As in Jon's case. He committed no true sin against God, but threatened to change the belief structure within the church he was in. Changing that structure, or going against what they believed, made him a false teacher. By the bible, he then must be cast out of the fellowship. I would have had less respect for those in the church that Jon was cast out of, if they did not cast hom out as their beliefs told them they should. Because then, they, would be the ones committing a sin against God. Yeah, it gets confusing.

But it comes down to this. Almost all of the teachings in the DO's have an acceptable behavior. Which if you do not rock the boat, will never know about. But they will employ the scriptures that state their purpose clearly, and seem to the follower that they should follow it too. But when put together with the whole, add up to only a part.

For the contention and strife within churches, oh it is there and it is ugly. Mainly in the form of gossip. People wondering what is true and isn't, judging the others without facts, condemning them without understanding, and sentencing them without love. Most do not move to lift up the hurting or ailing brother. I will end with this quote, that I find, unfortunately too true. "The church, is the only group of people, that do further damage to their wounded."

Wendy ftfs said...

If you have not run across many DO's that are described here it is because you "fit" into the rules and I don't mean that disrespectfully to you, Susan. There was a day that I "fit" as well but the Lord has called me to something else. The people who fit, have a greater challenge of proclaiming God's grace where it is hardest to get through. God has placed you where you are ... He has placed all of us where we are, and I am grateful. :-)
The standards of most churches today are not welcoming to all ... however, I have not given up hope that there are groups rising up who can get a little closer to the unconditional love of God.

May I quote a passage from a letter I received from a friend who has suffered from alcoholism and has found freedom in the Lord ... not a church goer before hand ...this is his honest appraisal of the DO

"I could write a book on what I have been through and learned over the last 25 years since I stopped taking any drugs or alcohol and dedicated a lot of my time into understanding what the real problem was and helping make sure that others don't fall into the same kinds of traps that so many of us do. You see there is NO money to be made in treating a spiritual problem with a spiritual cure, no matter how much sense it makes. Even the "not religions" that exist like many born again gatherings seem to base their doctrine on fear, even if it is well hidden. Although I consider myself a Christian, I am a VERY simple Christian and WILL NOT buy into a lot of the legalistic fear based preachings that I hear at some of our largest gatherings in town here. I just take what I need and leave the rest. No matter what the question is the answer is ALWAYS going to be unconditional love. I have spent the last years of my life learning just what that is and to be able to give and receive just that."

Cool :-)

One Voice of Many said...

So many people, including myself for most of my life, are just afraid to ask the questions that might lead to an answer you don't want to be there.

It's easier to just follow the DO's instead of climb out on a limb. Sure, there's more restrictions and rules with the DO's but there is a feeling of being in a safety net.
Out on your own, it's just wide open territory with multiple opportunities to screw up. Oh, and don't forget, when you DO screw up, the DO's will use that as why they're right and you're wrong.